French Rosebud

Rp 100.000


 100% Natural. Dried Rose Buds Harvested in Adolescent Stage. Caffeine-free.

listFrench Rosebud has pink petals and it’s more fragrant. Allowing both the process of pouring hot water to brew –and– sipping the rose tea, the kind of relaxing experience you will be looking forward to. Everyday.


listHigh in vitamin C : boosts the immune system.

 listPromotes healthy skin and bones, and helps body to absorb iron.

listGood source of antioxidant, particularly Polyphenol / EGCG. Defends against cancer-causing free radical damages.

listSupports wound healing

listHelp eliminating waste from kidneys.

listImproves blood circulation.

 listCalms anxiety and mood swings

listProvides comfort to menstruation cramps and pms.

Packaging: 20 Servings.

listServing size: 6 to 8 flower buds with 200 ml hot water. Steep for 5-7 minutes.


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