Very Fairy Lavender

Rp 95.000



listLavender buds (main)

listApple flower tea

listGlobe Amaranth

listDried Hawthorn Berries

listOrange Lily

listJasmine buds

listPink peony petals



listAids our bodies’ digestive system. (Lavender, Apple Flower, Hawthorn Berries)

listHelps treating coughs and colds. Eases breathing when lungs and sinuses are choked with phlegm. (Lavender)

listClears acne and brighten complexion (Apple Flower)

listImproves sleeping cycle and blood circulation (Jasmine buds)

listRelieves fatigue. Lowers cholestrol and high blood pressure (Globe Amaranth)

listAn antioxidant. Strengthen the heart/ cardiovascular system . Also lowers cholesterol (Hawthorn)


Packaging: 25-30 Servings.

listServing size: one spoonful with 200 ml hot water. Steep for 5-7 minutes.