The Story

Hanayo Flower Tea looks good, tastes good, and keeps your body healthy good!

Our brand name ‘Hanayo’ means: The World of Flowers.

Hanayo Tea’s flower buds and petals are grown free from pesticides and other chemicals, then dried with sterilized fruit/flower dehydrators.

We believe that the nature, especially flowers and leaves, have healing power, and can provide wide range of benefits for our body. An inexpensive way to stay healthy, free from the chemical in medical pills or supplements.

Hanayo Flower Teas can prevent heaty inflammation, promotes better sleep, and improve the body’s immunity system.

All variants are caffeine-free and therefore suitable to drink at all time. These drinks help our body’s nervous system to relax and de-stress. A good pick-me-up in the daytime. And when we are asleep, it promotes soundful rest.

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